Using Youtube

I’m a great proponent of technology and you can even see that in the way I interact with my sons. We regularly use our devices (iPhone, iPad and the laptop) to play with our kids. We especially like using Youtube.

At first, I was skeptical of using Youtube for my sons. I  mean, do two-month-olds really understand any of that? But we initially used Youtube to play them lullabies because we didn’t have any of our own lullaby music yet. And also, we used Youtube to play them Filipino nursery rhymes and children’s songs. We wanted to expose them to some of the songs we knew as children and this would not have been possible without Youtube.

Over time, as the boys appreciated the videos more and more, we were able to do action songs with them. In fact, one of the first action songs they learned was Itsy Bitsy Spider and The Wheels on the Bus. Using Youtube not only was a great way to interact with the boys but also was a great teaching tool. It was with the help of Youtube (and Mommy and Daddy singing and acting out the songs over and over again) that they learned to do the action songs. Plus, they really enjoy it! More than once, I catch one of my twins doing the actions of the song when he hears it play.

So if the boys enjoy it and its available to them, why not use it? (Of course, this also means using it in moderation. Read: not all day, everyday.) It has saved my sanity more than once. (Scenario: Boys screaming and I have to cook dinner? Want to watch some Youtube videos, boys?)

It is with this line of thinking that a few friends and I decided to create our own Wheel on the Bus animated video. It’s our first effort but I think we did a really good job. Let me know what you think!

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Life is good

Lately, my mind seems to be running a mile a minute. It’s like I wake up thinking, ” Okay, I need to do this and this…” Then at the end of the day, I fall asleep thinking, “Okay, tomorrow I need to work on this and this…” Not that I’m complaining. I like being productive. But it does seem kind of exhausting.

Then, as if to wake me up, I glance over to my sons and the world stops. I notice Lorenzo’s long, dark eyelashes and his steady breathing as he sleeps. Or Ignacio stops playing just long enough to squeal with delight and come running to embrace me. Or sometimes, when I find myself so worn out that I am laying down on the carpet as the boys play, Lorenzo comes over, burrows his way into the crook of my arm, embraces me and just contentedly watches TV with me this way. Then I take a deep, long sigh and I think, “Life couldn’t be better.”