The Red Sticks

I know that “the Red Sticks” seem like a strange name for a Mommy blog. It seems more appropriate for a rock band (sporting red hair!) or a Chinese restaurant (as in the Red Chopsticks). But believe it or not, the title of my blog refers to my twin boys, Lorenzo and Ignacio.

For some reason, both boys seem to be particularly attracted to the color red. It probably has nothing to do with their red stroller, their red car seats or their array of red clothes. Nor the fact that their Mom’s favorite color is, in fact, the color red. (I’m being sarcastic here, in case you didn’t know.) So it comes as no surprise that they like toys that are red.

The boys have this toy hammering block from IKEA which has a series of sticks in various colors. There are only two red sticks and my boys love, love, love the red sticks.

These are their favorite toys!  They go everywhere – to the bathtub when they take their bath, to bed when they go to sleep and even in the car when we are driving somewhere. Unfortunately, because these sticks go everywhere, we also tend to lose them. If there’s only one red stick left, then be prepared for a lot of tantrums and fighting. We’ve actually already bought three sets of this hammering block just so there’s always a red stick for each boy.

But I’ve noticed that they actually like any red stick-like toy. Like today, Ignacio spent the whole day clutching a red Duplo Lego block. He had it in his hands from church to lunch to the supermarket and on the way back home.  When we go to the Children’s Museum in Houston, they like to clasp these red crystal sticks found in the TotSpot section.

So when it came time to name my blog, I thought of using a title that was both personal and reminded me of the two most important little boys in my life. Consider this a welcome of sorts to my blog. In the coming posts, I hope to share with you the highs and lows of being Momma to these Red Sticks. Have a great week ahead!

Photo courtesy of Ikea.


Becoming “Mom”

It took my husband, Glenn, and I forever to have kids. Nine years to be exact. Someday I’ll tell you all the details but today let it suffice to say that it took us down a long and arduous road.

And after nine long years of marriage, I was pregnant with — surprise! — twin boys. When these boys were born, they became the loves of our lives. Not only was I a mommy at last — but I was also the mommy of two, very different, and very strong-willed beautiful boys. I’m still learning the ropes but one thing I do know after 17 months of mommyhood — it is not easy. Nope. Anyone who tells you otherwise probably has never been a Mom herself.

During the nine years we were trying to have kids, people used to tell me that “you won’t understand until you’re a Mom yourself.” And it always used to bother me, like it excluded me somehow. But now I do understand. And I know they’re right.