Sleepy Time Lullaby

Things have been a little busy around here (as you can tell from my lack of recent posts). I just studied for and recently took a humongous exam. I also had a group of really good friends and their kids stay with us over Thanksgiving week. The twins loved having kids their own age around — someone to play with from the time they wake up to the time they fall asleep. The only thing was, after our friends left, the twins’ normal schedule (as well as those of their friends, I’m sure) kind of got off-track. One of the difficulties was trying to get them to sleep on time.

Twinkle Twinkle Little StarWhen it’s time to go to sleep, I usually turn everything off and dim the lights. I turn on the lullaby music and tell my boys that it’s “sleepy time”. Sometimes they try to play with me. I try to be very boring and unexciting. Eventually they realize that they are tired and maybe sleeping is a better idea than trying to play with don’t-wanna-play-right-now Mommy. People seem to be incredulous when I tell that generally, the boys take their naps at the same time. But I’ve been mostly successful at putting them to sleep one after the other.

Since they were very young, the boys have been used to watching lullabies on Youtube to help them sleep. And later on, they became used to listening to lullabies as they fall asleep (and all night long with the lullabies softly playing in the background). It works really well with them. At nap time, I turn on the lullabies and pretty soon they start getting sleepy. It even works when they’re in the car and we play lullabies to help them sleep. But I guess it works because they associate sleep with the lullabies.  What do you do to help your kids fall asleep?

One of the lullabies that my twins like is “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” so a few friends and I thought it fitting to create another animated video featuring this song. The twins love it. I hope your kids like it as much as mine do. I thought our friend (who sang the title song as well as created the animation), Rico, did a phenomenal job. Enjoy!


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