Taking Out Tots

One of the challenges of having a toddler is making sure he or she has enough energy-burning activities during the day. In other words, you want to make sure your toddler had enough exercise during the day so he or she will fall asleep easily at night. Okay, easy enough. But what if you have twins and you have to take them out by yourself?

This is still a challenge for me and my husband.We thought this was difficult when the boys were little babies, but it’s even more difficult to control toddlers! One night, we went to a Super Target for a quick trip and the boys were walking all over the place. Lorenzo, in particular, did not want his hand to be held and wanted to walk wherever he pleased (and not necessarily where we needed to go). My husband and I would just quickly look at each other and wordlessly (something that can only be achieved by eleven years of marriage) agree who would run after who. It was so difficult. I can’t imagine going there by myself! Maybe I can manage it if the boys either sit on the shopping carts or on the stroller. But I don’t think we can go in there with both of them walking. My husband feels the same way. Although I’ll probably feel differently when the boys get a little older and are able to understand (and follow) general instructions such as “Don’t run in the parking lot!”

I’m not complaining. At least now I am able to load the walking toddlers into the car at the same time — without much fuss. We just simply walk up to the car and I put them both into the car at the same time. (One baby stands inside the car as I buckle the first one in.)

I used to have to employ their old Jumperoo toy (see photo above) when putting both non-walking but older babies in the car. It was a whole process:

Step 1: Open garage door. Open door leading to the garage. Load baby bag and other necessities in the car. Leave the car door open. Position Jumperoo in front of door leading to the garage.

Step 2: Put Baby#1 (aka as Ignacio just because his car seat is positioned behind the passenger seat) in Jumperoo.

Step 3: Put Baby#2 (aka as Lorenzo) in his car seat, which is positioned behind the driver’s seat. This is strategic so Ignacio can not only still see me (and vice versa) but also is actually just about three feet away from me.

Step 4: Take Baby#1 in Jumperoo and put him in his car seat. Meanwhile, Baby#2 can see me from his seat the whole time.

Step 5: Lock the house. Close car door. Get in the car and drive away. Oops, don’t forget to close the garage door.

It seems like such a funny and drawn-out process but it was so effective (and efficient) for me! I guess when you have twins (or kids for that matter), you just do what you gotta do!

If you have two little ones (not necessarily twins) how do you prepare to go out? Leave a comment, I would love to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “Taking Out Tots

  1. First, I just want to say that I love reading your blog! One of these days I’ll get over my fear and start mine as well!

    When I try to remember how it was like with just two, amazingly it’s hard. It is all kind of a blur.

    I do know that I enjoy taking the kids out to run errands with me. That being said, it’s definitely a great feat just getting out the door. With kids at different ages it makes it a little easier. Dylan, who is about 7 months, constantly wants to be held. So, I’m either carrying him or he is in his exersaucer (jumperoo) whining while i’m gathering the diaper bad. I don’t have to pack as much for Sydney and Reagan, but I like to have water and a snack handy for them. Sydney can put her shoes on herself assuming she knows where they are. If not, we spend about 10 minutes trying to find them. Reagan, depending on her mood can also get her crocks on by herself, assuming she knows where they are. I say “knows where they are” because we have a shoe bin by the door and every time we come home we put our shoes in it so we “know where they are”. If Reagan is not in the mood then, I have to help her with her shoes, which can take 5-15 minutes. Then, I run through my check list.

    Dylan’s Diaper bag. Check
    Girls, thermos and snack bag. Check
    My bag and phone. Check
    Everyone’s shoes on. Check

    Then, I load everything in the car. I keep the front door open and make sure I turn the car on. It’s Fall but it is still hot here in Texas.

    Then, I put Dylan in his car seat and after a loud protest, I sit him in front of the door so he knows that we are going “bye-bye”. While he is doing that I go around and turn everything off and do my mental check list.

    Finally, everyone gets to the car. I have the base for Dylan’s car seat, so I just have to drop him in til it clicks. Sydney is in a booster so she can get clicked in on her own. Reagan can sometimes get buckled in, and that is just depending on her mood. Then, it’s off to venture the world.

    Once we are at our destination I get the stroller out first. I keep the air on and make sure I roll my window down, in case of accidental door lock. I unbuckle Reagan, then load Dylan. I grab all the bags then roll up the window and lock the doors.

    At the store, I either have them all in the stroller, I have a sit and stand so the girls can sometimes get along and squeeze on the stroller together, or Sydney walks along side me. If we are at Target, they have a toddler cart that has the two attatched seats and i put Dylan in the cart.

    When it was just Sydney and Reagan, I would have Reagan in the stroller if I had to chase Sydney down. Sydney was old enough to understand to stay with me when Reagan was at the “go where I want” age.
    Now, thankfully, they do not run away. They like to run around, but not away. I watched an episode of Supernanny about kids running off. She says to say “STOP” loud and firm when they get to an unsafe distance. Then say “come back”. This is very effective, at least for me. I also, tell them why it is not safe to be too far. Again, the age difference helps alot.

    When we are out, I get the usual comments “you have your hands full”, “you’re not busy at all are you”, “i have two and don’t like to take them to the store” “wow, you are brave”. But it’s all worth it. I like having them with me. I like that they get to be out and about.

    I remember before kids and even when I just had Sydney, how cool it would be to have twins. I still think it is very cool to have twins, but actually having them is completely different than having kids of different ages. I believe it takes special moms and dads to have twins. Keep up the great parenting! Can’t wait to read your next blog!

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