Life is good

Lately, my mind seems to be running a mile a minute. It’s like I wake up thinking, ” Okay, I need to do this and this…” Then at the end of the day, I fall asleep thinking, “Okay, tomorrow I need to work on this and this…” Not that I’m complaining. I like being productive. But it does seem kind of exhausting.

Then, as if to wake me up, I glance over to my sons and the world stops. I notice Lorenzo’s long, dark eyelashes and his steady breathing as he sleeps. Or Ignacio stops playing just long enough to squeal with delight and come running to embrace me. Or sometimes, when I find myself so worn out that I am laying down on the carpet as the boys play, Lorenzo comes over, burrows his way into the crook of my arm, embraces me and just contentedly watches TV with me this way. Then I take a deep, long sigh and I think, “Life couldn’t be better.”


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