Becoming “Mom”

It took my husband, Glenn, and I forever to have kids. Nine years to be exact. Someday I’ll tell you all the details but today let it suffice to say that it took us down a long and arduous road.

And after nine long years of marriage, I was pregnant with — surprise! — twin boys. When these boys were born, they became the loves of our lives. Not only was I a mommy at last — but I was also the mommy of two, very different, and very strong-willed beautiful boys. I’m still learning the ropes but one thing I do know after 17 months of mommyhood — it is not easy. Nope. Anyone who tells you otherwise probably has never been a Mom herself.

During the nine years we were trying to have kids, people used to tell me that “you won’t understand until you’re a Mom yourself.” And it always used to bother me, like it excluded me somehow. But now I do understand. And I know they’re right.


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